Island Sweet Treats is a culmination of over 4 years of hard work, determination and the idea of founder Pamela Vera. Pamela started out with the Gecko Eggs line and has grown to also include Bits O Lava, and Bits O Rainbow. She’s lived on Maui since the mid 90’s, and held various positions of employment.

imageAround the spring of 2012 Pamela started dreaming of her own business, and a product that would be well placed in the local market, and might well spread to the mainland. That product was the afore mentioned Gecko Eggs, which became quite popular and she continued her business growth using word of mouth, social media, and the internet.


Tori helping manage a display kiosk…

Pamela’s daughters Kiana and Tori often help with the family business, manning kiosks, helping package and otherwise inspire their Mom to continue her pursuit of the American Dream. Once the Bits O Lava and Bits O Rainbow were added it became clear that they were onto something, and so Island Sweet Treats was created to market all three lines.


Our hope is that you’ll enjoy our products, and share them with your friends and family knowing with each purchase you are helping three wonderful ladies living in Paradise. Questions or concerns may be directed to the email or phone at the top of every page. Thank you for stopping by.